Cultivate your curves-
They may be dangerous
but they won't be avoided

Newest video update on the private blog and on C4S!

New video! it’s been a few since my last b/g update. Buy it here! Or join my private blog for this and so much more…

I’m on clipvia too! And I’m still $100 away from a payout……lol
Anonymous: Would you fuck a 18 year ols virgin

Probably not because:

1.) I tend to like older guys, at least those who are my age(I’m 27).

2.) I think your virginity should be given to someone you love who it will mean something to.

3.) I like someone with experience because I want to enjoy myself as much as I can make him enjoy the experience.

It COULD happen, but it’s not likely. =)




This is an amazing position. ❤️

Love this
Anonymous: Thick isn't an insult, it's synonymous with curvy. Take it as a compliment.

OH, I know! I definitely was not insulted, I just find myself to be bigger than those who I’d refer to as thick, but everyone really has different thoughts toward it.  Thank you! <3

Another video update on c4s and my private blog. This one is pretty sexy. :)

Okay…I need a tech savvy person to help me. In exchange, if you solve my issue with my phone camera, I’ll send you the video we just recorded, totally free! <3 Pleaseeee?

New baby needs a name

just so u know i like thick girls like u

Well i wouldn’t refer to myself as thick but I’m glad you enjoy what you see. :)